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I Need to Bulk Up a Bit

Of course there is a balance to this, because when you play any sport you need to be both strong and agile. I am not tall in the NBA sense, I am around six foot four inches tall, but that makes me one of the tallest people in the school and the tallest person on our basketball team. The problem is that I am not really built for banging around with other tall guys. I have been reading stuff like this muscle gaining secrets 2.0 review and trying to figure out what I need to do, but I am thinking that there is a real risk of getting a bad result from a drug test if you are not careful about this sort of thing. All of these supplements are going to work in much the same way as most performance enhancing drugs do, and many of them contain substances which are either banned or which look much the same as banned drugs in these tests. So I have to make sure that I avoid all of that, no one else is going to take the blame if I do not.

So I realized that what I really need is just a simple whey protein powder with nothing else in it. That is apparently made in the process of making cheese and it is completely natural, not much different than eating a burger or a piece of cheese, so there is not any way that you can get in trouble. I need to take it after I work out from what I can tell. That is when it is going to do you the most good so far as I have been able to deduce, that is when your muscles are breaking down and they need to recover. If you feed them, then they shall get stronger.